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Our Chef

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Chef Damian D’Silva’s culinary education started when he was a boy, as he watched his grandfather and mother prepare family meals in the kitchen. From them he learned the importance of putting love and effort into his cooking, and he always makes it a point to retain the essence and flavours he experienced as a child. He believes that taking the hands-on approach and immersing himself into a culinary culture or environment is the best way to learn. From the time he was a young boy patiently grinding rempah and stirring hot, bubbling kueh dodol liquid over a copper grenseng [pot], to the time he spent in Europe acquiring new culinary skills – this was a philosophy he stayed true to. It is this dedication and passion that heralded a cultish following of fans, ranging from dignitaries and high-powered businessmen to local Singaporean foodies.


At Immigrants, Chef Damian pays homage and returns to the cuisine closest to his heart – traditional Singaporean cuisine that forms the backbone of the country’s culinary heritage and culture.