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Our Food

The Cuisine

 SQUID BOMBS – This is a really spicy dish that will literally explode in your mouth. Mom’s classic stuffed squid grilled on charcoal and made with a blend of spices and 2 different types of chillies. SAMBAL BUAH KELUAK FRIED RICE – Chef Damian D’Silva’s exceptionally popular buah keluak dish given a new twist.
NGOH HIANG Cold tofu topped with superior-grade mashed pi dan (century egg)
NGOH HIANG – The classic Peranakan recipe made with minced pork, prawns and spices. Served with a homemade garlic chilli sauce. CHILLED TOFU WITH CENTURY EGG RELISH – Cold tofu topped with superior-grade mashed pi dan (century egg) from Taiwan. It is marinated with sesame, spring onions and homemade pickles. Great for calming the heat from spicy dishes!
non-spicy Eurasian SEH BAK pork
SINGGANG – A non-spicy Eurasian dish of deboned sai toh (wolf herring), cooked with 7 different ground spices and enhanced with a dash of coconut milk. Served with chilled cucumber sticks. SEH BAK – An Eurasian dish that is close to extinction. Pork and venerated parts of the pig, like the ear, intestine, stomach and heart are slow braised for 4 hours with soya sauce and spices. Served with fried tau kwa (beancurd), cucumber and chilli sauce.